The First Fully Mobile Verified ISP

by | Mar 18, 2022

fire fighters working on gear

For the past two years, RedLine Gear Cleaning has performed the highest level of Advanced Cleaning for fire departments across the country. Our business quickly disrupted the turnout gear cleaning industry, providing the fastest and most efficient cleaning process in the country. By utilizing our Mobile Extraction Unit®, a patent-pending laundromat on wheels designed specifically to decontaminate firefighter bunker gear, we have helped thousands of firefighters. We are expanding our services to now offer turnout gear repairs with the goal of helping even more firefighters.

We are excited to share that RedLine will be providing Advanced Repairs and Inspections to all of our customers. As a Verified ISP and dual certified in Advanced Cleaning, RedLine is one of the most certified turnout gear cleaning companies in the country.

Our Advanced Cleaning and Inspection programs will continue to be done on-site, directly at the fire station and our repairs will be done at a satellite location.

As part of our bunker gear cleaning service, we have always provided departments with comprehensive reporting to better manage their turnout gear program. In addition to providing in-depth inspection reporting, RedLine will now offer repair services for any damaged gear that is found during our Advanced Inspections.

By consolidating turnout gear cleaning, turnout gear inspections and now turnout gear repairs to one vendor, fire departments can better manage their bunker gear programs.

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