Rapid Response Cleaning

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While guidelines require only two advanced cleanings per year, research has shown that smoke, carcinogens, and other hazardous materials can have an adverse effect on a fire fighters health after just one exposure.


24-Hour Response

Our Mobile Extraction Unit® allows us to deploy onsite within 24 hours of a major incident, this type of Rapid Response service has never been possible prior to our mobile service. The MEU can remain deployed if there is a sustained incident, ensuring firefighters never need to risk exposing themselves to harmful contaminants from an exposure.

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RedLine conducts thorough exposure reporting after each Rapid Response cleaning to provide in depth wastewater data to every department.


Insurance Claim

The burden of payment shouldn’t be on your department to fund the cleaning of turnout gear after a major incident. Contact us to learn how you can get our Rapid Response cleaning service covered through insurance.

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