Post Incident Turnout Gear Cleaning

by | Apr 26, 2022

Post incident turnout gear cleaning
While NFPA 1851 guidelines recommend fire departments receive an advanced cleaning of their turnout gear twice a year from a verified ISP, it is still extremely important to the health and safety of firefighters to decontaminate gear after each exposure to smoke and fire.

This is why RedLine Gear Cleaning developed the Mobile Extraction Unit® (MEU) bunker gear cleaning apparatus. As firefighters, we saw firsthand just how difficult it was for our department to stay on top of regular cleanings post incident and the traditional method of shipping gear away to be cleaned after every fire was not an option for a number of reasons.

By developing the MEU, fire departments can now confidently receive Advanced Cleanings directly at their station within 24 hours of a major fire. Not only does this new process of cleaning bunker gear keep firefighters safe from the long term risks of wearing dirty bunker gear, it also helps keep that gear in serviceable condition longer.

In the past 15 days alone, RedLine Gear Cleaning has responded to two separate Rapid Response calls from departments in New York and Connecticut. By deploying our Mobile Extraction Unit® we were able to properly decontaminate hundreds of sets of turnout gear within hours of those firefighters responding to the call.

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