New Franchise Location of RedLine Gear Cleaning™ Will Revolutionize Firefighter Turnout Gear Cleaning and Inspection in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains

by | May 24, 2023

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Greeley, Colorado— May 24, 2023

RedLine Gear Cleaning™, a leading provider of on-site turnout gear cleaning, inspection and repair services, is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its newest franchise location in Northern Colorado. This exciting expansion brings the company’s innovative on-site services directly to fire stations throughout Colorado and the Rocky Mountains, revolutionizing how departments clean turnout gear.

RedLine Gear Cleaning understands the critical importance of clean and properly maintained turnout gear for the health and safety of firefighters. With the opening of the Colorado franchise location, the company aims to address the challenges faced by fire departments in ensuring their gear meets the highest standards of cleanliness and operational readiness. By offering on-site cleaning and inspection services at fire stations, RedLine eliminates the need for fire personnel to transport their gear offsite, saving valuable time and resources.

Key Features of the New Colorado Franchise Location:

1. Convenient On-Site Cleaning: RedLine Gear Cleaning’s dedicated team will bring cutting-edge cleaning equipment and expertise directly to fire stations, utilizing RedLine’s patented Mobile Extraction Unit®, (MEU). The MEU is often referred to as the world’s most advanced mobile laundromat. Capable of cleaning and inspecting 40+ sets of turnout gear in a matter of hours. Fire departments located in Colorado and surrounding states can now partake in the convenience of immediate care and maintenance of bunker gear, keeping firefighters safer while providing a better service to the departments.

2. Rigorous Inspection Process: Highly trained professionals will conduct thorough inspections of turnout gear to ensure compliance with industry standards, identifying any potential issues that may compromise firefighter safety. RedLine has a 20-point inspection process of all turnout gear and provides a complete inspection report for departments to remain NFPA 1851 compliant.

3. Verified ISP: RedLine Gear Cleaning is a Verified ISP providing the highest level of cleaning, inspection and repair services. The Colorado location is the only Verified ISP to perform services directly at a fire station west of the Mississippi river.

The opening of the Northern Colorado franchise location marks a significant milestone for RedLine Gear Cleaning and reflects its commitment to serving fire departments across Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. By bringing its exceptional services directly to the fire stations, the company aims to enhance firefighter safety, extend the lifespan of turnout gear, and streamline the maintenance process.

RedLine Gear Cleaning was started by a career firefighter, Mike Matros, with the mission of reducing the risk of cancer among the fire service. Mike explains that “by expanding our business through franchising, we are giving individuals the opportunity to own and operate their own business while increasing awareness of the cancer problem and furthering our mission to protect every firefighter from the hazards of dirty bunker gear”.

“We are thrilled to bring this unparalleled cleaning and inspection service to fire stations throughout Colorado and the Rocky Mountains,” said Devin Becker, the owner of the Colorado RedLine Gear Cleaning franchise location. Becker and his team have years of experience serving the fire industry through their other business, Becker First Responder Co., which specializes in providing personal protective equipment and tools to first responders throughout Colorado. “Our on-site approach saves valuable time and resources for fire departments while ensuring that firefighters have gear that is thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and ready for action when they need it most. We are proud to be a part of an organization with such a great mission and values that align with our own.” Before Devin was VP and CEO of Becker Safety, he was a career firefighter in Colorado and had witnessed first hand just how prevalent cancer is among the fire service. Devin’s interest in reducing the cancer risk among firefighters was a large factor in choosing to start a RedLine Gear Cleaning franchise.

The new franchise location of RedLine Gear Cleaning in Northern Colorado, will be fully operational early summer of 2023 and will be ready to serve fire departments across the region. To schedule your first on-site cleaning or learn more about RedLine Gear Cleaning and its services, please visit redlinegearcleaning.com/locations-colorado or contact [email protected].


Devin Becker
Greeley, Colorado
[email protected]