Leading the industry in innovation and customer service, the Mobile Extraction Unit® (MEU) is the only on-premise turnout gear cleaning solution on the market.

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What’s Inside?

Inner and Outer Shell PPE Gear Extractor
This custom washer carefully decontaminates the inner shells of PPE without breaking down the materials. Water temperature is optimized to maximize cleaning without harming material composition. Firefighter turnout gear is particularly sensitive to cleaning, therefore custom units have been designed to decontaminate turnout gear within a highly controlled environment.

Tumble Dryer for Inner Shells
A durable commercial-grade laundry machine achieves the perfect balance between drying temperature, airflow pattern, and usable cylinder space to maximize load size and drying time.

Drying Cabinet for Outer Shells
Custom built drying cabinets allow controlled ventilation for careful drying of sensitive outer-shell items such as, uniform, helmets, and boots.

Self-Contained Water Supply and Storage
The MEU is equipped with two water tanks for storage of clean water and wastewater, eliminating environmental issues and need for onsite permits and improperly disposing decontaminated materials.

Ultrasonic-Cleaning Unit
Portable ultrasonic cleaner is designed specifically for turnout gear, the unit processes multiple helmets and boots to meet all NFPA 1851 requirements.

O-Zone Cleaning Station
Our first-of-its-kind Ozone station treats and processes the waste water extracted from contaminated turnout gear and allows the MEU to properly dispose the water and run 100% green.

Hydrostatic and Reflection Testing Station
Per NFPA 1851 guidelines, the MEU is outfitted with a hydrostatic testing station to inspect all inner liners, ensuring each set of turnout gear is safe and will not cause steam burns. Additionally, RedLine conducts a reflection test to make certain that reflective strips work properly.


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