Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month: Reducing Cancer Risk at the Fire Station

by | Jan 4, 2024

Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month

January marks a critical moment in the fire service: Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a time when the spotlight shines on the occupational hazards firefighters face, particularly the heightened risk of cancer due to exposure to harmful carcinogens. At RedLine Gear Cleaning, our mission is deeply intertwined with mitigating this risk. We believe in empowering firefighters to protect themselves from these dangers, and cleaning gear stands at the forefront of this battle.

Understanding the Threat

Firefighters are exposed to a myriad of carcinogens while battling blazes. These toxic substances, such as PFAS chemicals and other harmful agents, find their way into turnout gear. Without proper cleaning, these carcinogens linger, posing a persistent threat to the health and safety of firefighters long after the flames are extinguished.

The fire station serves as the heart of a firefighter’s operations. It’s where they prepare for duty, train, and gear up for the next call. It’s also where the risk of exposure to carcinogens lingers. Taking proactive steps to reduce this risk begins with proper gear cleaning.

Cleaning Gear at the Fire Station

Some departments may attempt to clean gear in-house, using extractors and drying cabinets owned by the department. This method is often great for small loads or immediate cleanings but can sometimes fall short if a department needs to clean dozens of pieces of equipment in a matter of hours. If your department needs NFPA 1851 compliance, it can be worth looking into a Verified ISP to clean your gear.

RedLine offers a game-changing solution. Our on-site cleaning and inspection services, conducted by certified professionals using our patented Mobile Extraction Unit®, ensure that turnout gear is thoroughly cleaned, meeting NFPA 1851 standards. RedLine eliminates the need for gear to leave the station, reducing downtime and the risks associated with off-site cleaning.

Empowering Firefighters

During Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month and beyond, it’s vital to emphasize actionable steps that firefighters can take to protect themselves. By prioritizing regular gear cleaning firefighters can significantly reduce their exposure to carcinogens, safeguarding their health and well-being.

Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of addressing occupational cancer risks in the fire service. RedLine Gear Cleaning stands committed to supporting firefighters in this battle against exposure to harmful carcinogens. By advocating for proper gear cleaning and offering efficient on-site services, we aim to empower firefighters to take proactive steps in reducing their cancer risk at the fire station. Together, let’s continue the fight for the health and safety of those who courageously protect our communities.