About Us

Our Story

man carrying wastewaterCareer firefighter and RedLine founder, Mike Matros has seen first-hand just how resource intensive properly cleaning gear can be for fire departments and municipalities.

 As the founder of the Heroes Cup Foundation, Mike has spent years working with researchers to identify the risks associated with firefighters wearing contaminated turnout gear.

With this knowledge, Mike knew there had to be a better way to clean gear that benefited the fire department and individual firefighters as well.

Mike and his team spent more than a year designing what would become the first and only on-premise gear cleaning service in the world.

Today, RedLine Gear Cleaning operates our patent pending Mobile Extraction Units® and deploys them to fire stations across the country to clean and inspect gear.

RedLine employs active and retired firefighters because we know how important clean gear is to the safety of our fellow firefighters and their family’s.

Why Redline?

As research linking contaminated turnout gear and cancer continues to progress, new regulations and guidelines have been put into place to help mitigate the risk of cancer and other diseases among the first responder community.

Traditional turnout gear cleaning methods can take weeks to be completed and can cost departments tens of thousands of dollars, often times leaving firefighters with inadequate and dirty gear for an extended period of time. As the only on-premise gear cleaning service in the industry, RedLine can clean and inspect over 40 sets of gear including helmets, boots, gloves, jackets, and liners and have them ready for service in less than a day.

At RedLine we believe clean gear saves lives. As fire chiefs and municipalities continue to navigate these new guidelines, we are happy to help educate our fellow firefighters on the best way of cleaning and inspecting gear while remaining compliant.