A Growing Fleet of MEU’s

by | Feb 26, 2021

Our fleet is growing and it is growing fast! About a year ago we completed construction of the first ever mobile turnout gear cleaning apparatus, the Mobile Extraction Unit® (MEU).  Today, less than a year later, we are growing our fleet faster than we could have imagined by building 4 more MEU’s to be used around the country.

What is an MEU? MEU stands for Mobile Extraction Unit®, this is a truck specifically designed to clean, decontaminate and inspect firefighters bunker gear. Everything from boots, gloves, helmets, liners, shells and more can be fully cleaned within our self contained truck. Our MEU was built to provide this service on demand and on location, meaning your department never needs to send out gear to be cleaned again.

As we continue to work closely with fire departments and our partners around the country, it is clear just how many people need a service like RedLine. Given the number of fire departments and total sets of bunker gear currently in service, it is not out of the question to imagine a world where each state and major city has multiple RedLine MEU’s, but we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. We know that growing a business and growing awareness for our turnout gear cleaning service starts one customer at a time. This is why we are strategically placing trucks around the country to service high demand regions. If you would like to learn more about where we operate or want to request a cleaning, send us an email at [email protected].

Today, RedLine operates primarily with our MEU #1, this has allowed us to properly manage customers in and around New England. Given the interest our service has garnered over the past year throughout the country, we understand that in order to better service fire departments in other regions we need Mobile Extraction Units® close by to be able to clean gear rapidly after major incidents and to clean more gear regularly.

We’re excited to share images from MEU #2, much like our original design, this truck is capable of cleaning 40+ sets of gear per day but includes sleeping quarters in the cabin, allowing us to better serve fire departments outside of New England.

RedLine Gear Cleaning Mobile Extraction Unit parked in lot

Along with the construction of MEU #2, we also have begun construction on another MEU that will be used exclusively in the Texas market to clean and decontaminate the gear of Texas based fire departments. We are extremely excited about this expansion into a new market and believe this is the first of many trucks that will receive a dedicated service area to better serve our customers.

While we may not have a Mobile Extraction Unit® in every state right now, our mission is to protect all firefighters by properly cleaning bunker gear. So no matter where you are located, shoot us a message or give us a call and we can provide a free quote for your station.

Fleet of Mobile Extraction Units parked in front of building